How to Pack for 2 Weeks in Europe

I am currently on a train heading to the French countryside to an art retreat for the next few days!  I’ve never been to Europe, so I’m very excited to go on this little get away and get some new artistic energy to bring back to the studio for you guys!

After the retreat, my husband Michael is flying out on Friday to meet me in Paris and together we are going to travel around Europe for the next week and a half! We have a jam packed itinerary (literally we have everything planned down to the hour lol) and we’re headed off to Paris, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast!

I’m now at the point where I can finally relax and take it all in, but packing for 2 weeks in Europe is a lot more challenging than it looks… So I figured I’d give you guys a few helpful packing tips for anyone traveling to Europe!

How to Pack for 2 weeks in Europe Graphic - C Brooke Ring

1. Order Packing Cubes
I hadn’t heard of these until recently, but they were absolute life savers for me.  I ordered them off of Amazon here . These luggage organizers come with 7 different pieces (3 different size clothing storage bags , 1 bra underwear bag , 1 shoes bag , 1 toiletry bag , and 1 laundry bag) . They’ve been very helpful for keeping everything organized and in place as I travel around.

2. Have a few “Capsule Closet” Outfits
If any of you are like me, you like to just throw a bunch of different outfit options in your suitcase and figure out what you want to wear when you get there.  Unfortunately, when you pack for Europe, this is not the best plan of attack if you’re trying to fit everything in one suitcase without going over the weight limit.  So I created a few “capsule closet” outfits.  What I mean by that is, I made a few days worth of outfits by recycling some of the same pieces I’ve already worn.  For example, I brought 2 different pairs of jeans and 4 different tops and made a few outfit choices from those to get me through 4 days of clothing instead of packing 4 completely different outfits.

These shoes were super comfy and the perfect piece to transition from day to night!

Caslon Aiden Wedge Sneaker

3. Order An International Travel Adaptor
This one I almost completely forgot about, but it is very important to remember! As most of us know, in Europe the outlets are much different than the ones that we have in the U.S., so I’ve attached a link here to get the travel adaptor I purchased to make sure all your electronics are charged and ready to go!

4. Take Pictures on Your Phone of Your Planned Outfits
I just started using this tip when I travel and I honestly can’t travel without doing this now.  Taking pictures of your planned outfits saves a lot of time. It’s very helpful in a time crunch situation when you’re rushing to be somewhere and can’t remember what outfit you wanted to wear.  But lucky for you, you already have it all planned out on your phone and can just flip through the pictures to find which one you want to wear without having to be creative on the spot.

5. Add a Dryer Sheet
Last but not least, always bring a few dryer sheets and place them throughout your bag.  Since you’re most likely not going to have a readily available washer and dryer for the next few weeks as you travel, dryer sheets do the trick as they help with keeping your clothes smelling fresh as you travel around.

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