10 Reasons to Book a Live Wedding Painting

C Brooke Ring live wedding painting

Live painting is such a fun new trend that adds so much to an event! There are so many reasons to include a live artist in your wedding day plans and here are my top 10!

Web C Brooke Ring Neal Wedding-17

  1. A live wedding painting adds a unique element to your ceremony or reception that will set your wedding apart from others!
  2. A live wedding painting by Brooke provides engaging entertainment for your guests and a point of conversation that is sure to be a highlight!
  3. A live wedding painting makes your event extra artsy and sophisticated!
  4. Wedding days are such a blur, a live wedding painting allows you to relive the day!
  5. Your live wedding painting will capture all of the details… and delete some things you may not want to include in your memories!
  6. Your live wedding painting becomes a timeless heirloom for you to treasure and then pass on to your children!
  7. A fine art print of your live wedding painting becomes the perfect gift for your parents and new in-laws!
  8. Gives your uncle a chance to joke with Brooke about painting him busting a move on the dance floor!
  9. Have the chance to see your wedding featured across Brooke’s social media platforms so that you can share your big day with thousands of people!
  10. Investing in a live wedding painting is the perfect way to celebrate your marriage and becomes the perfect starter to piece to your art collection!

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4 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Book a Live Wedding Painting

  1. Hi! I had actually messaged you on your Instagram page before I found your email! My future sister in law Ericka Turner (Henderson) had you do a live painting at their wedding and I would love to talk with you about a live painting at my upcoming wedding!! My wedding is May 26, 2018 in Greenville!! If you would send me prices on the different sizes!
    Looking forward to hearing back from you


  2. One of the things that you said that stuck out to me was that the artist can remove things that you do not want to remember. My daughter is getting married next year and it might be a good idea to hire a celebration painting expert. I think it would be a great memory to have on the wall.


  3. I like your point that a wedding painter would add a unique element to your wedding and will set you apart from other ceremonies. My sister is getting married soon and she was trying to decide if she wanted a photographer, a live painter, or both. I’ll recommend that she at least look more into live painting.


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