Palm Beach Series!

Launching April 30th at 9pm EST.

Since I was born in Palm Beach, it will always hold a special place in my heart! Several of our relatives still live there, so our family was able to have the opportunity of growing up shopping on Worth Ave. and taking in all the pretty beaches and scenery! So… it seemed only fitting to paint a Palm Beach series!  Here is a preview of our collection and we hope these paintings will transport you to some place sunny!!

IMG_4461.jpg“A Place off Worth Ave.” 24″x24″

IMG_4463.jpg“Coconut Row” 20″x20″

IMG_4466.jpg“All the Palms” 20″x20″

Brunch on Worth Ave.jpg“Brunch on Worth Ave.” 20″x20″

IMG_4467.jpg“Eau So Sunny” 16″x20″

IMG_4462.jpg“Palm Beach Cruising” 16″x20″

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