5 Tips for Shooting Product Photography

tips for shooting product photography2.jpg

As a person who works heavily with social media on a day to day basis, I’ve grown to realize, like most people, that everything is not how it seems on social media.  The phrase, “Instagram Worthy” puts so much pressure on us business owners  to take the perfect picture, at the perfect angle, at the perfect time to market our products just right for our Instagram followers.  It’s very easy to get caught up in the lie that we have to spend several hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on having an extravagant set up like these mega-bloggers in order to market the perfect “Instagram Worthy” picture of our products…but I’m here to tell you that you can easily market your product without falling into the false illusion of having to have an extravagant set up or a huge marketing budget by following these 5 steps!

1. Stick to your iPhone

For someone just starting out, the iPhone takes really great pictures!  Take advantage of the portrait mode setting on your camera and edit your pictures using apps like VSCO to enhance the quality of your photo.  Be mindful that you don’t over edit and change the look of the product you are trying to sell.  You want to give your consumer an accurate representation of the product you are trying to sell.


2. Use Natural Light

Take advantage of overcast days! Overcast days tend to be the best days to take photos for your products because it creates a light that is not too bright like on a sunny day or too dark on a rainy day.  If we are shooting indoors, we typically take our photos around 10 AM to 11 AM and find that we have a lot of success at this time with the quality of our pictures.  Remember to look for natural light that does not have harsh shadows.  Shadows can change the coloring of your pictures and distort the quality of your image.

Floral Kimono_C Brooke Ring_Header-25.jpg

3. Have More Texture

Use props that have texture to them to add dimension to your photo and enhance the overall quality of the product listing. Using a fur blanket or velvet throw pillow can add a luxurious look to your images.

Ballerina Paintings _ C Brooke Ring -36.jpg   Ballerina Paintings _ C Brooke Ring -6.jpg  may flowers paintings home decor_C Brooke Ring-29.jpg

4. Use Foam Core or Poster board to Bounce Light

See diagram listed here on our recommended set up. Using foam core or poster boards enhances the lighting on your product and it gets rid of pesky shadows that you can’t otherwise get rid of. Foam core and poster board are also great to use as backgrounds for flat lays!   It gives a clean and crisp background for you to display your products on.


5. Groupings of Three

Look for items you have around the house to create a grouping of three.  A grouping of 3 works really well to add interest to your photo and context to your product.  Be careful not to add elements that distract from the product you are trying to highlight.  See the photo and how we used the grouping of the notecard, the pen, and the flower to accomplish a balanced composition.

IMG_5119_1080x.jpg  floral_ginger_jars_1080x.jpg  sailboat_notecard_front_1080x.jpg


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