Styling a Bar Cart…California Style

Between me having lived in California for the past few years and Brooke’s recent adventures to California, it’s easy to say we definitely have California on the mind!  So…we decided to style our upcoming mini-series called “California Coastals” with our new bar cart obsession from Amazon.  Keep scrolling for some major bar cart inspo and links to some of our products!

may flowers paintings home decor RLT_C Brooke Ring-1.jpg

Sticking to a clean color scheme for this look is KEY!  To coordinate with our artwork, we decided to go with green, white, and gold as well as incorporating some other neutral colors into our palette.


may flowers paintings home decor RLT_C Brooke Ring-6.jpg

Bring out some of those California classics with these trendy CROSLEY record players.  These are the perfect little retro addition to your bar cart.

may flowers paintings home decor RLT_C Brooke Ring-8.jpg

cali record post 1_cbrookering.jpg

cali record player post 2_cbrookering.jpg

After setting this up we discovered a MAJOR life hack when organizing your records.  To keep them from falling over, place a clear acrylic stand upside down and place your records in the middle… and there you have it! A clean and sleek look that keeps your records from tilting over.


cali bar cart 3_cbrookering.jpg


may flowers paintings home decor RLT_C Brooke Ring-4.jpg

Add greens to the mix to bring some life to your bar cart!  We used an old hand soap bottle from World Market and filled it with some water and picked some flowers around the house to add more greens to the cart.

cali bar cart 4_cbrookering.jpg

Stack a few of your favorite glasses, cigars, and matches to add the perfect trio for your bar cart.  Throw in some of these gold and white paper straws to add a little extra flare to your arrangement.

cali bar cart 1_cbrookering.jpg

cali bar cart 5_cbrookering.jpg

california dreaming.jpg

cali bar cart 2_cbrookering.jpg


Bar Cart
Beats Headphones
Crosley Record Player
Gold & White Straws
Candlefish Matches
Acrylic Stands
Artwork- C. Brooke Ring California Coastals

*California Coastals Go Live on June 21, 2018*

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