Charleston Country Club Wedding

charleston wedding painter header_c.brookering.jpg

As soon as I first met with Annie over coffee, I knew that this was going to be one of my favorite live wedding paintings.  She was the perfect southern bride, and painting at her Charleston wedding was nothing short of a dream.  From the winding staircase to the Spanish moss, this was the perfect country club wedding.  In our consultation it was important for me to include her first dance and the southern country club feeling.

One of my favorite parts of this wedding was the incorporation of ginger jars as their centerpieces.  These jars belong to her mother.   It was such a sweet way to incorporate a family heirloom into the wedding.

Meeting the flower girl was one of my highlights.   She was the groom’s daughter and she lit up the room with her infectious personality!

Thank you Annie and Campbell for letting me be a part of your special day!!

Charleston Wedding_C.Brooke RIng-9.jpg

Charleston Wedding_C.Brooke RIng-1.jpg

Charleston Wedding_C.Brooke RIng-4.jpg

Charleston Wedding_C.Brooke RIng-8.jpg

Charleston Wedding_C.Brooke RIng-2.jpg


Charleston Wedding_C.Brooke RIng-6.jpg

Charleston Wedding_C.Brooke RIng-5.jpg

annie charleston wedding.JPG



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