Easy Fall Tablescape Ideas

We’re throwing a surprise birthday party tonight for my grandma and decided to dress up the table a bit for the occasion! Somehow moving a few things around the house turned into the most gorgeous fall table setting so we had to snap a few photos! We thought we’d pass along a few of our tips and tricks to y’all as your deciding how to dress up your table for the season!

fall tablescape2.jpg

1. We started off with a few fresh blooms from our local grocery store in the center of the table and added faux cotton, corks, and a gold table runner bunched around it for texture. The arrangement was still looking a little bare, so we foraged some greens from the backyard to add to the arrangement to give it some dimension.  This trick is always a quick and easy fix to create more visual interest!

2.  Next we added candlesticks and lanterns that we had previously purchased from World Market and added this to our center piece. We also took the label off of an old hand soap jar to use as a vase ( pro tip : save yourself the headache and use Goo Gone… not acetone and boiling water like we did lol…we’re blonde, what can ya do?)

3.  Our dinner party is going to be small, so we didn’t think we needed place cards but still wanted something at each setting, so we decided on an apple on each plate! It was such a simple addition, but it added SO much to our table.

4.  Purchase a yard of cloth for napkins. We wanted a warm peach cloth napkin, so we got creative and ended up loving it!  We found a yard of fabric we had in the studio, cut it into 6 square napkins, and folded each into thirds on each place setting.

5. Lastly, we cut ribbon and a strand of large pom-poms and hung this from our chandelier for an extra touch! And voila…your fall tablescape on a budget!

Keep scrolling to get some Fall inspo!


fall tablescape_C.Brooke Ring-3.jpg

fall tablescape_C.Brooke Ring-7.jpg

fall tablescape_C.Brooke Ring-9.jpg

fall tablescape_C.Brooke Ring-10.jpg

fall tablescape_C.Brooke Ring-13.jpg

fall tablescape_C.Brooke Ring-14.jpg

fall tablescape_C.Brooke Ring-16.jpg

fall tablescape_C.Brooke Ring-18.jpg

fall tablescape_C.Brooke Ring-22.jpg

fall tablescape_C.Brooke Ring-26.jpg

fall tablescape_C.Brooke Ring-27.jpg

fall tablescape_C.Brooke Ring-32.jpg

fall tablescape_C.Brooke Ring-36.jpgfall tablescape_C.Brooke Ring-37.jpgfall tablescape_C.Brooke Ring-41.jpg

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