New Ballerina Paintings!

New ballerinas will be available on Wednesday, January 30 at 9PM (EST)! Don’t forget to mark your calendars! Sizes will range from 10″x10″ to 24″x30.”

In this series I continue to build off of the concept of femininity from my previous ballerinas with a new approach.  I have combined the playful vibrance of youth with a sense of growth and maturity like never before. My hope is that these figures will evoke a sense of confidence and self-worth among women in a culture where our identity is so often tied to our appearance.  These female figures signal strength and poise that, through my deliberate abstraction, anyone can identify with. I have thus decided to name this special collection of ballerinas, “Femme.”

C Brooke Ring Ballerina 9.JPGC Brooke Ring Ballerina 8.JPGC Brooke Ring Ballerina 3.JPGC Brooke Ring Ballerina 7.JPGC Brooke Ring Ballerina 6.JPGC Brooke Ring Ballerina 5 .JPGC Brooke Ring Ballerina 4.JPGC Brooke Ring Ballerina 2.JPGC Brooke Ring Ballerina 1.JPG

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