Spring Coloring Sheets! ($100 Giveaway)

Hello All!

Since we are all quarantined, we figured we would offer a fun activity for you and your loved ones to enjoy! Linked below are a few different printable coloring sheets to brighten these gloomy days.

We are offering a COLORING CONTEST GIVEAWAY – closing Friday April 3rd. We will announce the winners at 9:00 pm (EDT) April 3rd.

There will be two categories: Children (12 years old and under) & Adults (13 years old and up)! The prizes for each category will be:

1st Place – $100 gift-card to cbrookering.com

2nd Place – $50 gift-card to cbrookering.com

3rd Place – $25 gift-card to cbrookering.com

To enter:

  1. watch our Coloring Pages youtube video here & give it a thumbs up 👍
  2. pick your favorite coloring sheet below –> click the link above to download and print it!
  3. color it however you would like… get as creative as you can using colored pencil, crayons, watercolor, paint, etc.
  4. upload an Instagram photo with your coloring page and tag us @cbrookering !
  5. most importantly –> HAVE FUN! Now is the perfect time to exercise your creativity (no art experience necessary 😉

*winners will be announced on Friday April 3rd @ 9:00 pm (EDT), via Instagram 


Hydrangea Coloring Sheet

Hydrangea Coloring Sheet


Bunny Coloring Sheet

Bunny Coloring Sheet


Tulips Coloring Sheet

Tulips Coloring Sheet

One thought on “Spring Coloring Sheets! ($100 Giveaway)

  1. Hey! I love the coloring sheets but I would really like to know what watercolor pallet Brooke is using in the demonstration video! I love the selection of colors and would like to find it. Can you help me?


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