New Floral Collection Coming Soon | Gather

G a t h e r .

At this point in time, I think we’re all craving a good summer soirée. In this series I’m hoping to capture the feeling of a warm summer breeze, string lights dancing in the sky, friends laughing and hugging freely, and food being passed around a table as friends and family gather in closely.




The table is set, the floral arrangements have been gathered and placed carefully and effortlessly at the same time and there is a place just for you. It is my hope that these floral paintings will welcome you in a warm embrace and leave a lasting impression in your memory. The same way a good gathering among friends always does.




My new floral series, “Gather”, will be released on July 30, 2020 at 9pm (EDT). I hope that you are looking forward to it just as much as I am!






This floral collection conjures some of my most cherished memories from two September’s ago. I had the privilege of attending an Art retreat in France with some amazingly talented friends! A group of some of the most wonderful, talented, lovely humans gathered in the French countryside and enjoyed a week of painting, fellowship, dining al fresco, and drinking in every ounce of French beauty. As I sit here in my studio in South Carolina and push paint across canvas to create these floral paintings, I’m transported back to this magical place. I hope you are, too!



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