Custom Artwork Install for a Doctor’s Office

I am SO excited to finally show you a custom project that I have been working on for several months! I had the honor of painting 5 custom pieces for a local Doctor’s office in Greer, SC.

Simply Southern Chiropractic Center does not look like your typical Doctor’s office…it is absolutely STUNNING! They had an interior designer, Gina Carson Designs, design all of the renovations including wallpaper, trim, fabric, etc. This office is the perfect blend of classic and southern and makes you feel right at home.


Photo Jul 10, 3 03 23 PM

Today I am delivering a canvas print of Holy City at Rainbow Row from my Charleston series. It is amazing how these canvas prints look so much like originals!

Photo Jul 10, 3 07 49 PMPhoto Jul 10, 3 07 26 PM

Since this office is located in Greer, SC, Dr. Duncan wanted the office to have local vibes from the moment you walk in the door. This original painting is of the fountain near City Hall in Downtown Greer. It is such a popular spot in Greer as people gather and spend time in the beautiful park.

Photo Jul 10, 3 08 12 PMPhoto Jul 10, 3 08 26 PMPhoto Jul 10, 3 08 37 PM

The other original painting I completed for the reception area was a diptych of Downtown Greer. It was super fun to paint two pieces that coordinate and compliment each other so well!

Photo Jul 10, 3 07 17 PMPhoto Jul 10, 3 06 59 PMPhoto Jul 10, 3 07 06 PM

Since Greer is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, they wanted an original painting of the Blue Ridge Mountains done for the consultation room! I think this is the perfect painting for this room because it is calming, peaceful, and relaxing.

Photo Jul 10, 3 12 16 PMPhoto Jul 10, 3 12 20 PM

I absolutely loved painting this pineapple painting and I’m obsessed with the beautiful bamboo floating frame they chose! Many of you have seen this painting in my Pineapple Painting Timelaspe on YouTube- if you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here!

Photo Jul 10, 3 14 01 PMPhoto Jul 10, 3 14 11 PM

I stretched this canvas print of a marsh that is hung in Dr. Duncan’s office. It looks so luxe and fancy hung on her mirrored wall!

Thank you so much Dr. Duncan and Simply Southern Chiropractic Center for welcoming my artwork into your beautiful space! To find out more about Simply Southern visit their website here:


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