A Day in the Life

We are so excited to take you along with us for a day in the life of C. Brooke Ring! Check out our most recent Youtube video below to see what a typical day looks like for our team!

Since the video ends right before our nighttime routine, we wanted to share some pictures of what our nights look like! We usually make dinner together and eat the same time as Romee. After that, it’s time for a bath, bottle, book, and bedtime for our sweet girl! After Romee goes to sleep Michael and I usually head out to the studio to spend some time together while I paint!

Thank you so much EMILY SUZANNE PHOTOGRAPHY for these amazing photos! Emily spent an evening with our family and did such an amazing job capturing the beautiful rhythms of our evening routine! Michael and I were a little bit nervous about the idea of having a photographer present for such personal family moments but Emily was so loving and comfortable. We had a blast hanging out with her while she documented our evening routine! Be sure to check out more of her work HERE!

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