Meet our Intern!

We are so excited to introduce our 2020 Fall Intern here at C. Brooke Ring! Get to know Anne Heaton below!


Hey friends! My name is Anne Heaton and I am a junior at Furman University. I am double majoring in studio art and communications and I love every second of it! I have absolutely fallen in love with Greenville, SC (let’s be honest, it’s the food) but I do miss home in Birmingham, Alabama. I love driving around in the mountains, spending time with my parents at our farm, and hanging out with my cousins at the lake! I don’t like to admit it, but I am totally addicted to coffee. I eat way too much popcorn and the rest of my diet consists of a lot of baked potatoes! This semester I am so excited to be interning for Brooke, I have lots to learn!

Full Name: Anne Heaton Dearborn Sanders

Currently binging: Love Island (UK)

Chick-fil-A order: Either an 8 count of nuggets with polynesian sauce or depending on the mood, grilled nuggets. Always a fan of the fries, love the diet lemonade, and will never turn down an ice creme cone. (Hack: get a kid’s meal and trade the toy for ice cream!)

Favorite activity: Trying new recipes! Lots of trial and error (and burning things) but as long as I have my cast iron skillet and a good spotify playlist I am happy!

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