Fête Florale III

I am SO excited to bring you guys another Fête Florale series!! This is my third time painting this series and it is something I look forward to every year! The studio is already filling up with floral paintings and it makes me so happy to be back in the studio painting what I love most!

Fête Florale III will be released on Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 9pm (EST) on http://www.cbrookering.com.

One thought on “Fête Florale III

  1. Hi! I’m in love with your art. I wanted to check and see if it was OK if I pinned some from your blog on Pinterest. All credit will go to you, and the pin will bring them back to your blog. I have almost 16,000 followers on Pinterest. Maybe you could make a sale. If nothing else, your blog will get more traffic and it will get your name out there. I want to be respectful, so I like to ask first. If you want to see my Pinterest account first, just look up Havasu Auntie. If the answer is no, I totally get it. I just enjoy your work.


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