Shelf Styling Tips

Shelf Styling Tips - C Brooke Ring.jpg

In this blog post we wanted to give y’all the inside scoop on how to style your shelves at home!  It seems so simple to do, but there definitely is a little bit of an art to it. Here are a few tips to help you get started!

Focal Piece
The first thing we always recommend doing is finding a focal piece to style your shelf around.  In our case, that was one of Brooke’s floral paintings for her upcoming abstract floral series! (This collection is launching on Monday, July 16 @ 9pm on !)

Color Palette
From the focal piece, we build a color scheme and try to keep it to three main colors. In this shelf styling we used white, green, and blue. Look for pieces around your home and try to group similar colors together.

Odd Numbers
A good rule of thumb to remember is that you should always use an odd number of objects on each shelf. For example, we used 3 objects on the second shelf (the gold sculpture, the candle, and the flowers) and placed them in a way that complemented the other shelves. We tend to think a stack of books counts as one object!

The most essential part of a great shelf! Books! Books are a great space filler on shelves and work well to lay the foundation to build your vignettes around. Try stacking them vertically and horizontally, with covers facing forwards or the pages facing forwards instead of the spine for a more neutral look! (The books that we used in this post are from a used bookstore! When shopping for books we always peak beneath the sleeve to see what they look like with an exposed hardback spine! We think this gives such a clean and chic look.)

Lastly, we always like to add a little life by incorporating some flowers or greenery.  These hydrangeas we cut from our front porch this afternoon and were the perfect finishing touch to our shelves!

Feel free to scroll through any of the pictures below to get a closer look at how we arrange our shelves!

Shelf Styling Blog Post_C.Brooke RIng-2.jpgShelf Styling Blog Post_C.Brooke RIng-6.jpgShelf Styling Blog Post_C.Brooke RIng-11.jpgShelf Styling Blog Post_C.Brooke RIng-25.jpgShelf Styling Blog Post_C.Brooke RIng-21.jpgShelf Styling Blog Post_C.Brooke RIng-16.jpgShelf Styling Blog Post_C.Brooke RIng-1.jpgShelf Styling Blog Post_C.Brooke RIng-26.jpg



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