DIY Painting a Graphic on Your Jacket

I’ve been working on some new projects lately in the studio, and one of which is pillow covers.  So this concept got me started on an obsession with painting on textiles.  Everything in my studio is fair game to paint on, and it just so happens that Morgan’s army jacket was in there and (with her permission) it somehow became the subject that day!  So I thought it might be fun to share with you guys a little DIY blog post on how to paint a graphic on a jacket!

DIY Jacket Graphic- C Brooke Ring

What You’ll Need:
– Paint Brushes (any size or type)
– Acrylic Paint
-Anita’s Textile Medium (can be purchased at any local art supply store)
-Old T-Shirt
-Jacket of Choice
-Square Piece of Cardboard

1.  Find your inspiration
First thing’s first…find your inspiration! We knew that we wanted to paint something fancy and feminine to contrast the masculinity of the army jacket, so naturally we thought of Chanel! Nothing says luxury like the iconic Chanel No. 5!

2. Practice on an old t-shirt
I would recommend using an old t-shirt to practice on first to get comfortable with your brush strokes. Painting on textiles is so different than on paper or stretched canvas!

3. Cut a piece of cardboard
Cut a piece of cardboard and put it on the inside of your jacket to prevent the paint from bleeding through while painting.  This also helps as support while you paint.

4. Acrylic Paint and Anita’s Textile Mix
When you are starting to paint your graphic on your jacket, make sure to mix the textile medium in your acrylic paint.  This helps to keep the paint on the textile as well as loosening up the paint to make it not appear so thick on the fabric.

5. Everyone Has a Unique Brush Stroke…So Use Yours!
The last and most important step is DON’T worry about making every stroke perfect.  Sometimes this can create a cartoon-like look to your graphic.  Just use looks brush strokes and have fun with it! When you’re finished, keep the cardboard underneath your jacket and let it air dry.

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