Hand Crafted Artisan Pillows

artisan pillow pins - C Brooke Ring7.jpg


We’ve got some exciting new products coming your way!!

Our new studio has been giving us quite the kick of creative energy around here and we are excited to be launching our very first line of hand crafted artisan pillows NEXT WEEK!

Each of these designs are made in house, hand painted & sewn, and are each one of a kind!  Stay tuned and mark your calendars for next Thursday September 27 to snatch one of these beautiful pillows from our new collection!

Feel free to keep scrolling through to get a sneak peek of some of the pillows featured in this upcoming launch!

pillow header my room_C.Brooke Ring-3.jpg


pillow header_C.Brooke Ring-7.jpg

pillow header_C.Brooke Ring-5.jpg


pillow header_C.Brooke Ring-4.jpg


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