How I Organized My In-Home Art Studio!

Turning a spare bedroom in my house into a full-functioning art studio has definitely posed its challenges. I have learned lots of tips and tricks along the way on how to utilize your space to the best advantage! I hope that this video will help spark some ideas for you: especially if you are trying to organize a studio, bedroom, or any kind of creative space!

studio pic 1.jpg

studio shelves pic.jpg

Here are the links to shop some of the supplies I use to organize my studio! I couldn’t find the originals of everything but I’ve linked similar suggested products!

Aluminum shelves from Ikea spray painted gold ($15)

Tin bucket organizers for holding art supplies

Wooden print stand for holding fine art prints/poster board

Butcher Paper used as a drop cloth

Bed risers for creating a standing work table

Craft cutting board (for cutting fine art prints)

White filing drawers

Hanging print organizer

3-tier rolling cart for holding paints

Decorative faux potted plants

Disposable paper palettes

Whiteboard for keeping up with important dates!

and lastly… our Fabulous trash can!

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