Pregnancy Announcement/First Trimester Survival Guide

Michael and I are SO thrilled to announce that we are expecting! All we can is, God answers prayers. We have a sweet baby joining our family in January! Thank you so much to all of y’all who have joined us in praying for our future family! Your messages, comments, and support mean more to us than we could ever explain!

“For this child we have prayed, and the Lord has granted us our petition that we made to HIm.” -I Samuel 1:27


I’m also sharing some of the tips and tricks that have helped me survive the First Trimester! I’ve been pretty sick, but I’m happy to share some of the live-saver items that have helped me along the way!

Click to Shop the products that helped me survive the First Trimester!

1. Preggie Pops

2. Gin-Gins

3. Vitamin Water Zero (lemon)

4. Belvita

5. Clementine Izze

6. Ginger Peach Sparkling Water…

7. Zevia Cola

8. One a Day Prenatal Vitamin

9. Mint Gum

10. Grapefruit

11. No Mo Nausea – Sea Bands

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