Peaks and Valleys | New Collection Coming Soon

As a human, I hope to always challenge myself to grow and push myself to tackle new obstacles. As an artist, I hope to always find beauty in the world around me and draw inspiration from it and the beautiful people who occupy it.

As we all find ourselves in his unprecedented time, I can’t help but replay a quote my dad used to tell me when I was in college when things felt too difficult. He would say, “Brooke, this ain’t no hill for a climber like you…”

Today it may feel like the mountain that stands in front of you is too high and too difficult to climb, but let’s not forget that YOU were created to do hard things. You were created to overcome obstacles and you will get through this stronger than you were before!

Which brings me to my next series….


I am so excited to launch a new series of mountain paintings! Peaks and Valleys will be released on June 23, 2020 at 9pm EDT. All paintings will be available for purchase here!

Here is a little sneak peak below of both finished and unfinished pieces!

brooke ring mountain painting 1brooke ring mountain painting 2brooke ring mountain painting 3brooke ring mountain painting 4brooke ring mountain painting 5brooke ring mountain painting 6brooke ring mountain painting 7

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