Top 5 Things to Do While in New York City

Hi Everyone! This is Morgan here, and I’ll be taking over the blog today to talk about my recent trip to the Big Apple!  A few weeks ago I had the opportunity of tagging along with my sweet dad on a business trip to New York.  While my dad was in business meetings throughout the day, my mom and I explored around the city and I thought it might be fun to share a few of our new favorite go-to places with you guys!

Top 5 Things to Do in NYC- C Brooke Ring.jpg

1. Dumbo Park in Brooklyn, New York
I’ve been to New York a countless number of times throughout my life and this was the first time I’ve ever been to Dumbo Park before.  It was hands down my favorite spot I’ve ever been to in New York!  It has one of the best views of the Brooklyn Bridge over looking the Hudson River.  The streets are cobblestone paved walkways lined with the newest up and coming coffee shops, boutiques, and restaurants.  I talked with one of the locals there and she mentioned that her and a group of her friends have a tradition of going to Dumbo Park at sunset and ordering a pizza from the original Grimaldi’s Pizza in Brooklyn and sitting by the bridge to watch the sunset.  We didn’t get the chance to do that this past trip, but it’s definitely on the agenda for the next time I’m up there.

2. Shopping in SOHO
If you’re on a girls trip to the city, SOHO is a must!  Besides 5th Avenue, this is where all the best shopping is in New York in my opinion.  SOHO has everything from Alexander Wang and Prada to Zara and H&M…and everything in between.  We stopped at a great little restaurant there called Delicatessen.  There’s usually a long wait there, so if you can get there right when it opens and put your name in you should be all set!

3. Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village
A day in Greenwich Village is also a must when visiting New York.  It’s a quick cab ride from SOHO and you get to experience a much quieter version of NYC.  It’s a quaint little park with lots of benches to sit around and catch your breath on.  The park is filled with magicians and street performers to entertain you as you roam the streets.  There are also plenty of restaurants lining the streets that you can stop and get a quick bite to eat at.

4.  Central Park
This one is a pretty obvious one, but this past trip was the first time I’ve actually gotten to spend a while wandering around Central Park.  I just recently have gotten into running (after the influence of the boss babe we all know and love… C. Brooke Ring) and I got to spend the morning running around Central Park and got to take all the beautiful sights all in.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get lost for a few minutes there as I ran a little too far into the park lol, but it was totally worth it in my opinion.  If you’re not much of a runner (like I wasn’t up until recently), they do offer carriage rides and bike rides throughout the park.

5. Little Italy
If you haven’t gotten all of your calories in for the day, you need to head straight to Little Italy.   I genuinely cannot go to New York now without going to Little Italy.  It’s a street lined with cute authentic Italian restaurants and at every street corner there are cannoli and gelato stands.  There is nothing all that extravagant to the part of town itself, but if you’re a major foodie like I am, I would definitely recommend spending some time in Little Italy.

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